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I will restore the years that the locust has eaten and I will bring you out with plenty and you shall be satisfied. (Joel 2:25-26)
God wants you to live a satisfied life. He has promised to restore all the things the enemy has stolen. However, just because God gives this great promise, doesn’t mean it will automatically come to pass in your life. You have to do your part to develop a restoration mentality. Expect things to change in your favor. Be strong-willed and determined, and do everything you can to recover what the enemy has stolen.
Remember, obstacles are simply opportunities for advancement. If you will do your part to have a restoration mentality, God will take every obstacle that comes into your life and turn it into a stepping-stone that will take you to a place of higher honor and greater blessing!
Dear Father, thank you for promising to restore to me what the enemy has stolen. Teach me to trust You more and develop a restoration mentality. Thank you for keeping me on the path to victory in every area of my life!